Alpheton Parish Council is pleased to announce that the two Defibrillators located at Alpheton Village Hall and the Tye Green Bus Shelter are now fully operational.

These have been funded by generous parishioners, the Parish Council, Babergh District Council, Community Infrastructure Levy money and help from the Village Hall Committee.

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone for their support.

We are also very grateful to the Alpheton Village Hall Committee and to Alpheton Garage for their support in siting the defibrillators at these locations.  

In case of an emergency need to use the Defibrillator:

  • Immediately phone 999 and give the location of the defibrillator
  • The operator will provide a code to open the door lock on the defibrillator cabinet
  • You will be talked through a step-by-step process until a first responder / paramedic / ambulance arrives 

Please view the videos at

Alpheton Parish Council


On 2nd March 2015 the northern part of Alpheton (the main part of the village) was privileged to be one of the first minority areas of the country to have FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) available with minimum actual speeds of 75Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. These speeds are reliable and consistent but may dip slighty during peak periods. All one has to do is to place an order with BT for Fibre 1 which will be FTTP. In all cases the physical installation of the fibre into the premises is provided by Openreach free of charge. BT now have some competition because other providers such as TalkTalk, Sky, etc. are entering the FTTP market. If FTTP has not been ordered one has to be content with the old very slow 0.20Mbps to 4Mbps service over copper.

Unfortunately the southern part of Alpheton known as the hamlet of Bridge Street does not have any FTTP access. Bridge Street however does have FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) which while being inferior to FTTP is much better than the earlier copper only service. FTTC is fibre from the telephone exchange in Lavenham to the cabinet by the bus shelter then via the existing old copper from the cabinet to the premises. There is a wide choice of providers for FTTC. If fibre FTTC has not been ordered one has to be content with the old very slow 0.20Mbps to 4Mbps service over copper.

Mobile internet access is patchy with some areas of Alpheton able to receive 4G whilst other parts struggle to receive 2G. Much depends on where you are and the mast rollout of the provider.

Village Communications

Alpheton Website News

The News page on this website displays the most important news affecting Alpheton.


The WhatsApp group is the most frequently used social media within Alpheton, where breaking news is posted. Discussions about any issue affecting the village. Contact Trevor Rix if you would like to be added to this group.

Facebook Groups

The 'Alpheton' Facebook group is less frequently used but is still an important portal especially for Facebook users.

The 'Alpheton Community' Facebook group is another option.

Email Group

The Alpheton News email group receives infrequent emails containing only the most important news and issues concerning Alpheton. Contact Trevor Rix if you would like to be added to this group.

Nextdoor Group

The Nextdoor group formed in February 2021 contains posts pertaining to a wide radius of villages around Alpheton. Funded by advertising.


Bus services between Alpheton and Bury St.Edmunds and Sudbury. For full details and timetables, visit

Library Services

Suffolk Library Service Mobile Library visits Alpheton on alternate Thursdays.

11.25 - 11.40 am Village Hall
11.45 - 12.05 Post box at the end of Church Lane
The Library van no longer stops at Bridge Street

Suffolk Libraries Direct

Phone BoxAlpheton Little Library

Situated on Old Bury Road, past the Village Hall. The disused red phone box has been rtransformed into a Little Library with generous help from the community and is open to all.


Letter BoxRoyal Mail

Royal Mail postboxes are situated near the bus shelter on Tye Green; and at The Glebe, by Doone House, opposite the Village Hall; and at Bridge Street adjacent to the old Rose & Crown pub.

Environmental Services

Outside the Village Hall there is a paper and cardboard recycling wheelie bin which is collected fortnightly. A full size Bottle Bank is also provided.
Household Waste sites are in Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds.